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Connect with the people that matter to your business using Brella

Whether you attend the physical activities at Fintech Week London, or join us remotely, networking will take place in our 1:1 networking platform, Brella. This extends the networking reach for all attendees to include the entire audience, and also guarantees more meaningful connections.

Brella uses an AI algorithm to match people who have shared interests and goals. This matchmaking feature means you’ll meet the people most relevant to your business. However, if you prefer you are also able to filter and search the attendee list yourself to find relevant connections. 

Once you have chosen who you’d like to connect with, you are able to book meetings with your top matches and host those meetings directly in Brella using the in-platform virtual meeting rooms. Should both meeting participants be present at Fintech Week London, they can also choose to host the meeting face-to-face in the Brella Networking Zone on the expo floor. 

You will be sent your Brella join code a week before the event.

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