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The flagship conference 2022 will take place on Monday July 11 and Tuesday July 12, 2022

Big Tech and Big Banks: Coopetition:
Analyse how tech giants are mobilising an often loyal consumer base to break new ground when it comes to integrated financial products, explore the rise of neobanks, and examine global developments in fintech including unearthing new potential fintech hubs.

Open Banking / Banking as a Service: Reimagine your customer relationships with banking as a service, and understand how open banking is being implemented in the UK and beyond.

Next Big Things in Fintech:
Examine the success of new products and verticals such as wealthtech, insurtech, AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency, green finance and financial inclusion. Get to grips with new potential regulatory requirements.

Digital Identity:
In an increasingly digital world, understand the importance of cybersecurity and privacy. Understand how digital identity and biometrics can play a role in keeping your customers, and your business, secure.

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